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Green innovation, ecological win-win

In recent years, China has been actively implementing the concept of green development and advocating the construction of ecological civilization. The traditional manufacturing industry plays a very important role in promoting green and high-quality development. As a traditional manufacturing industry, Jinlaibang Valve has also been advocating the improvement of all employees. Awareness of green environmental protection, from the aspects of saving every kilowatt-hour of electricity, every drop of water, every piece of paper, every grain of grain, beautifying the environment, saving energy, etc., actively practice the idea of ecological civilization, and add color to the environmental protection industry!

Continue to do a good job in internal environmental management

1-Strengthen environmental protection publicity and training and education.

2-Supervise and inspect the internal office production environment of the enterprise.

3-Establish and improve relevant environmental protection systems.

Strengthen the work of energy saving and emission reduction in enterprises

Reduce energy and resource consumption by adopting energy-saving technologies, using environmental protection equipment, strengthening environmental protection innovation, and not discharging hazardous substances.

Actively respond to national environmental protection policies

Jinlaibang Valve, as the vice president unit of Shaanxi Environmental Protection Industry Association, is more active in learning and practicing the ecological civilization thought of the national environmental protection, and takes the lead by setting an example!

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