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Team and Culture

We Are a United Team


Team Culture Bits

60% of the employees of Jinlaibang Valve Company have followed the boss for more than 6 years, and many people have followed the boss for more than 10 or 20 years; after the completion of the Gaoling branch in March 2023, the addition of the new team has injected new vitality and color into Jinlaibang Valves. Up to now, no one in the new employee team has left; I believe this is not only because of our good company, good platform, and good team. More importantly, Chairman Weng Yuanhui has extraordinary personal charm and entrepreneurial spirit; The team, we are fighting for the common cause, we are happy to work here, and the development of life, we all think that we are the best and the best team. For the future of Jinlaibang, all of us have great ambitions and high spirits. We will work together to write a better chapter of Jinlaibang!

JLB Culture

  • Mission: Do business with a grateful heart, make products with a creative heart, and do service with a satisfied heart

  • Vision: To be a well-known brand in the industry and create a brand trusted by customers

  • Business philosophy: quality embodies dignity, integrity is based on the world

  • Core values: people-oriented, pursuit of excellence, development first

  • Core spirit: careful, meticulous, attentive and satisfying